Do you own your data?

We find ourselves in a world where everything is online and trackable and having access to data plays a critical role in ensuring your marketing endeavours allow you to build an online presence and dominate the digital world. However, in order to analyse and understand this data, gaining access to your digital marketing analytics is critical.

Digital marketing has become the preferred marketing medium for marketers as it is cost-effective and highly measurable. While agencies typically set up various Analytics and Ad Publishing accounts on behalf of their clients, it often becomes tricky when clients would like to access or take control of these accounts. We at Oryx+Crake believe that it does not matter if you are looking at Google Analytics, Business Manager or Google Ads, you should always have full control over your analytics and ad accounts.

Why is data so important?

Advertising has become data-driven and analytics equip you with the fuel and insights to ensure you tailor your approach, target the right audience, improve your ROI and measure the impact accordingly. This is owing to the fact that accounts like Google Analytics allows you to assess how well your campaigns are doing, how people find your website, what actions they take, where are they based, which content do they engage with, and so much more.

While Google analytics allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your online campaigning, there are also five other key accounts that you should also have access to.

These include:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Ads
  • Business Manager & social media pages
  • Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager

With access to these accounts, it ensures that as a marketer, your digital data is trackable from almost any touchpoint. Whether it is a social media post, an organic search or a publication, you can track how the traffic from your various sources affects your marketing, giving you the tools to optimise your performance.

We at Oryx+Crake believe that clients should be equipped to achieve great results. This entails owning your data and with the experience to produce result-focused campaigns which fuel brand growth, awareness and improve sales for our clients, our team who are tuned into innovation, tech development and the overall market want to help build that digital presence.

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