Oryx+Crakers have a big belief in collaboration and communication and our best concepts come from group conceptualisation sessions.

We are a dynamic team fuelled by wins and the production of effective campaigns. We all have something different to offer, which is what brought us together.

Transparency is our number one value and our promise is to always be honest and never to rely on vanity metrics. We focus on making informed decisions which cannot be made if the data on which they are based has been blurred by vanity metrics.

Oryx+Crake Brand Values:

Get to know our people

Junior Koyana
Project Manager

Junior adds Client Service excellence to our Digital Team. With a strong passion for business and commercial growth, he has worked across various industries and has developed an impressive skill set in client management and biz development. Junior holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Business Administration, which has equipped him with a deep understanding of business operations and management principles. As part of our team, Junior is poised to deliver exceptional value to your business and help you achieve your goals.

David Middleton
Project Manager

As a business-minded creative, our team is fortunate to have David responsible for the reputation and profile of Oryx+Crake. His unique perspective brings an authentic lens to the digital agency, providing a well-rounded approach to our projects. David’s career has demonstrated an impressive ability to balance serving projects and people, with a track record of successfully co-managing the design, construction, launch, and management of the back-to-ground-roots experience of Gugulesizwe Camp in Kwa-Zulu Natal. With a methodical approach to his work and excellent communication skills, David ensures good relations with all Oryx+Crake stakeholders, contributing to the success of our agency.

Daniel Tompkins
Head of Digital

Daniel is a highly experienced and skilled Digital Campaign specialist who is committed to delivering results for clients in the rapidly-evolving digital world. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he possesses a rare combination of strategic thinking, conversationalist skills, and brand building abilities. Daniel conceptualizes and implements digital campaigns that meet the objectives and goals set by our clients. His expertise includes market research, data analytics, SEO, paid advertising, programmatic, tracking, and social and digital strategy. Above all, Daniel is passionate about delivering ethical, honest, and transparent services that drive business success. His commitment to providing exceptional service is evident in all his work.

Katlego Pilusa
Head of Social

Katlego is an accomplished Digital Strategist with over a decade of experience in the field. His extensive knowledge and skills are primarily focused on Social Media, but he possesses expertise across a broad range of digital platforms. With a strong technical background and exceptional research capabilities, he is an essential member of our team, contributing to the development and execution of highly effective omni-channel strategies. As the head of our Social Media department, he brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team.

Katekani Chauke
Community Manager

Katekani is a talented social media wiz, with expertise in managing multiple brand accounts. Her skills span from creative content creation to efficient community management that ties in with our clients CI. With her exceptional attention to detail, she plays an integral role in overseeing our social processes and ensuring quality control. Katekani holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, which has equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in her field.

Lerato Seeletsa
Digital Analyst, PPC & SEO

Lerato is a highly skilled Digital Analyst who possesses an exceptional ability to extract valuable insights from Big Data. Her expertise lies in analyzing complex datasets, and she is highly skilled at transforming these insights into actionable solutions for our clients. As part of our team, Lerato plays a crucial role in the development and tactical execution of digital paid media programs. Her proficiency in data visualization enables her to provide valuable insights that drive speed and improve the effectiveness of our projects.