Our best campaigns are produced when we incorporate a variety of platforms and mediums with Paid Advertising. We target our campaigns and build audiences to ensure that your content is being served to the right people. Stretching all digital assets available to ensure that they are working hard for your brand.

Our Philosophy to Paid Media

Whether you have existing digital assets or none, everything starts with an audit. We dive into your brand’s digital channels or audit the digital landscape in which your industry operates to assess for any opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. This provides us with the foundation to launch your paid digital campaign.

Next step is to understand your needs as a client and then the brand’s needs which allows us to take the findings of the audit and create a bespoke strategy and approach to meet your needs and KPI’s. We do not use a “cookie cutter” approaches and prefer to customise all solutions to suit your needs. We then determine the optimal paid channels and budget to maximise your return on investment.

All campaigns are monitored multiple times a day to ensure the performance and budget does not underperform or overspend.

Different types of Paid Media we offer

  • Display
  • Search
  • YouTube
  • Social