Statement on misleading remarks by Ms Ntsiki Mazwai

(Johannesburg – November 17, 2023): Ebony + Ivory Integrated Advertising Agency, an independent advertising, design and media agency with over a 53-year track record would like to set the record straight regarding Ms Ntsiki Mazwai’s allegations.

In seeking potential influencers for a concept that our digital division, Oryx+Crake was developing proactively and unsolicited by the client, the team approached Ms Mazwai.

The agency decided not to pursue the prospective collaboration with Ms Mazwai for various reasons. In the process of an internal agency conversation between two employees, some remarks were made which were later shared with Ms Mazwai. The concerned employee issued an apology to all parties concerned. He apologized unreservedly for ascribing his comments to Brand South Africa as a client.

At no point was Brand South Africa contacted during this process of constructing a concept and seeking influencers. Importantly, Brand South Africa has never made any statements or issued instructions regarding Ms Mazwai as potentially one of the influencers for the campaign.

The agency will not engage in a social media or mainstream media spat on the matter, suffice to say that we respect the rights of all individuals, including those of women and children. Therefore, any assertion contrary to this fact is misleading and malicious.

To this end, Ms Mazwai is welcome to engage the agency on the matter if she deems it necessary. Our position as an agency is to protect our client’s reputation and our own hard-earned credibility both locally and internationally.


Issued by Ebony+Ivory Integrated Advertising Agency

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