Oryx+Crake goes against the grain of vanity metrics and goes for truth in transparency

Oryx+Crake serves brands as transparency truthsayers for digital campaign clout that doesn’t cut corners but cuts the creative cloth based on real-time data-driven insight.

(29 June 2022, Johannesburg) – Having entered the market in a pushback against the slippery norm of vanity metrics-based digital campaign measurement, Oryx+Crake is growing rapidly. Dedicated to everything digitalisation, automation and futurism, the digital agency of transparency truthsayers has delivered fast moving campaigns for brands such as Sasria, Brand South Africa, Food Network South Africa and Whitestar.

The youth enablement team is tuned into African innovation and technology development which plugs campaigns into results that not only grow brands, but serve sales, for their clients.

Wired to not just talk shop

The distinctive approach of Oryx+Crake delivers three key experiences, says David Middleton, co-founder of Oryx+Crake. The first is active adaptability. “We are wired to make harder working creative work harder and to tighten targeting that gains the most traction. This entails thoughtful and carefully planned solutions that consciously evolve every campaign.”

Another experience that clients can expect is severe honesty, he explains by emphasising that there is no side stepping with half-truths that have become prevalent in the social media sphere. We embrace absolute transparency and an approach that takes privacy extremely seriously,” says Middleton.

By asking the right questions and uncovering the whole truth through customised dashboards and reporting, Oryx+Crake serves transparency throughout the whole campaign process.

Plugged into independent agency success

The final tool that helps the growing market entrant provide a holistic experience for clients is that it is plugged into integrated agency partner, Ebony+Ivory. This gives the team the advantage of merging their new and youthful way of thinking with the 52-years of this agency’s strategic, creative and media integration experience.

“Ebony+Ivory is an organisation that we believe has the same vision as ours. Their longstanding presence in advertising and marketing means that they have seen the evolution of the industry”, says Junior Koyana, co-founder of Oryx+Crake.

Paul Middleton, the Managing Director of Ebony+Ivory says: “With the ever-evolving digital era, we find ourselves in an environment where clients not only expect a fast turnaround but also count on an offering that includes both traditional and the digital component of advertising. Oryx+Crake proves their reliability and resilience in campaign delivery every day.”

Moreover, with this team offering us a different set of skills, ideas and new ways of thinking, we gain mission-critical groundwork for a holistic diversified offering for our clients, he adds.

The range of social media and digitised services offered by the specialists include Social Media Marketing, Digital and Pay-per click Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Development and Maintenance and Programmatic Digital Marketing.

Deep meaning in their namesake

Albeit a tongue twister of a name, the new agency is named after the renowned novel by Margaret Atwood.

Oryx+Crake co-founders were inspired by the premise of the story as they too do not believe in short-term gain at the cost of long-term responsibility. “We do not offer solutions just to tick boxes or satisfy a basic request, but we delve deep into our clients’ brands and embark on a journey with them to offer unique forward-thinking solutions for their brand,” says Daniel Tompkins, co-founder of Oryx+Crake.

Truthfully, with a vision to become a multi-national African agency that serves companies globally, these transparency truthsayers’ innovative and tailored digital marketing solutions – untainted by vanity metrics – will put them on the right path to achieve that goal.